A Response

Curriculum Vitae


Martin Gardiner Bernal


1937 Born London.

1957 Matriculated King's College, Cambridge.

1960 Diploma of Chinese language, Peking University. Distinction in Oral Chinese, Cambridge.

1961 1st class Honours, Oriental Tripos, pt. II.

1962 Harkness Commonwealth Fellowship.

1963 Graduate Student at the University of California (Berkeley),

1964 Graduate Student at Harvard.

1965 Prize Fellow of King's College Cambridge.

1966 Ph.D. Oriental Studies at Cambridge University.

1972 Associate Professor in the Department of Government, Cornell University.

1984 Adjunct Professor of Near Eastern Studies, Cornell.

1988 Full Professor in the Department of Government, Cornell University.



Selected Publications.



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"Reply to L. A. Trittle,"Liverpool Classical Monthly 18.2: whole issue.

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ed. with David Chioni Moore, Duke University Press.

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Yijiulingqi Nian Yiqian Zhongguodi Shehuizhuyi Sichao

[ Chinese Trans. of Chinese Socialism Before 1907 ] Fuzhou: Fujian Renmin Chubanshe. (1985).

Black Athena I into Italian, German, Spanish and French, Swedish and Arabic.

Black Athena II into Italian,

Translations are being prepared into Albanian, Greek, Japanese and Turkish.

Book about my work.(In Press)

Heresy in the Academy:The Case of Black Athena. By Jacques Berlinerblau, Rutgers University Press.

Book against my work.

Black Athena Revisited. ed. Mary Lefkowitz and Guy Rogers.

University of North Carolina Press. 1996.